New paper on social construction of risk perception in Lima

My paper with Liliana Miranda, Dr. Karin Pfeffer en Prof. Isa Baud titled ‘Risk perception: the social construction of spatial knowledge around climate-change related scenarios in Lima” is now available online [gated] with Habitat International. It is part of a special issue on Configuring knowledge in urban water-related risks and vulnerability. [gated].


New paper: Varieties of knowledge for urban flood governance in Chennai

My new paper with Prof. Isa Baud in Habitat International just became available online. [gated, but write me] It is part of a special issue on Configuring Knowledge for urban water-related risks and vulnerabilities.

Though several shorter pieces written for a lay audience will follow, the paper centres on why despite the fact that all the knowledge needed for managing floods in Chennai is locally available, there are distinct barriers to knowledge sharing, based on framings that determine what it relevant to consider as flood management, or not.