People first, then tech: How context solves eGovernment platform problems

This post draws on classic social perspectives to present a whirlwind tour of how understanding context is crucial to designing more effective platforms. Particularly as the Netherlands is one of the most digitised nations advanced in digital governance and others are following suit. Right now, the major problem is that people are getting fined for things they didn’t know they were responsible for.


The time Freud reminded me that vulnerability and open discussion go hand in hand

Cronenberg’s film A Dangerous Method tells the story of the relationship between Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, and Jung’s patient-turned-lover-turned-colleague, Sabina Spielrein. There’s a particularly striking scene when Jung and Freud are chatting on a steamboat to America. Jung shares one of his dreams, which they analyse together, and it represents the changing nature of their relationship. Jung then asks Freud to share a dream of his own. Freud declines, saying something along the lines of ‘I had a dream, rather rich and complex, but I don’t think I should share it, for I fear undermining my authority’.

It hit me like a brick.


here we go

We have this cultural understanding that ideas are sparks, that there is a Eureka moment, when suddenly the penny drops, the apple falls from the tree and the planets are spinning around the sun.

However, what happens before that? How do we sow ground fertile for good ideas?