New project: Data Justice

I am honoured and incredibly excited to announce that I will be a doctoral researcher with the brilliant Dr. Linnet Taylor on her DATAJUSTICE project, funded by the European Research Council. The project will focus on a critical assessment of the feasibility of a global framework for data justice, and then conceptualise and iteratively refine it.

The official title is: ‘ Global data justice in the era of big data: toward an inclusive framing of informational rights and freedoms’. You can read the project brief here, and a preliminary paper about data justice here.

The aim is to produce a workable approach to data justice by mapping the conversations and issues globally, moving beyond euro-centric thinking by investigating how people relate to the changing role of data in different places worldwide.

As you can see on Dr. Taylor’s blog, the starting point is three pillars of data justice, which is created to capture freedoms that are both negative (freedom from) and positive (freedom to).



I am incredibly excited and grateful for this opportunity. It’s awesome because the research is timely and needed, the direction of the project is a culmination of my seemingly scattered research interests, I get to work in a cutting-edge institute (TILT), and I get to work with one of the leading thinkers and genuinely kind people out there. I am really looking forward to our growing team and the next 5  years of the project!


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