mapping thinkers beyond the capitalist paradigm

January 18, 2016
By shaz

This is a really useful infographic that actually uses the benefits of spatial relationships inherent in mindmapping.

Beyond the capitalist paradigm is a mapping from BlaqSwans and the P2P foundation and their blog the Commons Transition. These guys are working on what the sharing economy actually means, going beyond discourse as a marketing tool and putting it into practice. It’s always inspiring to see people actually working on these big questions.


I like the infographic especially because it put thinkers in relation to one another, and points out a few that I need to go and read.

The ongoing discussion shows that it is, like all good things, a work in progress. The original diagram was criticised for a dearth of female thinkers, and that is being filled in.

From the preface to the P2P Commons Transition book (in CC licence, no less), looking at how to build a social knowledge economy:

“At the end of 2013, the FLOK Project (Free/Libre Open Knowledge) was launched to articulate what such an economy would look like and what policy recommendations would be required to realize it. […]
[The Ecuadorian government] asked an international team of researchers to draw up a participatory process ot craft a transition strategy for a society based on the idea a “social knowledge economy”- an economy based on free and open access to knowledge conceived as a commons. “(pg 7)

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