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We have this cultural understanding that ideas are sparks, that there is a Eureka moment, when suddenly the penny drops, the apple falls from the tree and the planets are spinning around the sun.

However, what happens before that? How do we sow ground fertile for good ideas?

When I was a teenager in the early days of the internet my geeky friends and I would try to out-do each other by finding the most random and entertaining links on the internet. We would come up with whole collections of random-ness. And then laugh about it.

This blog is a little bit like that. Collect the random, interesting snippets in one place, and you can allow the patterns to emerge.

Ideas are not just flashes of insight, but a network, and a process of building interconnections. The magic is in interconnections.

The idea, alas, is not mine, but from this wonderful TED talk by Steven Johnson called ‘Where good ideas come from’.

The intent of this blog is for it to evolve into a  journal of ideas, questions and reflections, short and long form. Though I am an academic by training, I like to acknowledge and embrace the fact that insight comes from more than just peer-reviewed journals. The blog’s content, like life, will bleed between my research on urban adaptive governance and, well, everything else.

Happy new year everybody!

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