Research & conversation
for global data governance.
I am tech policy researcher specialising in digital governance, smart urbanism, and data justice. Currently I am a PhD candidate at the Tilburg Institute of Law, Technology and Society, working on Global Data Justice with Dr. Linnet Taylor. My PhD research investigates data innovation in the public sector governance of smart cities globally.

What does it mean to move towards a digital society? Currently, I am thinking about uncertainty and adaptation in experimental approaches to urban development, and how data-driven decision-making reshapes our relationship to the risk society.

My research background spans human geography and psychology, qualitative and hard-core experimental quantitative approaches. I've researched urban knowledge management of cities in the global south, and cognitive biases in attention. In the past I've also worn the hats of scenario mapper, editor, social media advisor, teacher, community organiser, and way back when, coffee-and-printing assistant.
Data governance
needs new framings.
To do so, I ask a lot of questions, brainstorm connections, live by my calendar, and strategise ways forward.  
Fair warning: I have a loud laugh.
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