Research & conversation
for global data governance.
I am social science researcher specialising in digital governance, smart urbanism, and data justice. Currently I am a PhD candidate at the Tilburg Institute of Law, Technology and Society, working on Global Data Justice with Dr. Linnet Taylor.

I focus on how data becomes knowledge and the ethical implications for data governance worldwide. I'm curious about how regulation drives incentives for ethical development and the balance between flexibility and structure in systemic change.

My background spans international development studies, human geography, urban sustainability, and psychology. I aim to create the conversations that can incorporate different ways of doing, to reframe our thinking for a just networked society.
Data governance
needs new conversations.
With an open mind, we can create space for insightful discussion. By genuinely  listening to people's needs, we can build responsive structures for a better digital world. 
To do so, I ask a lot of questions, brainstorm connections, and strategise ways forward. Usually whilst laughing at myself.
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